Let us take responsibility as your SaaS journey partner

By joining us in the cloud, you will get better control, lower dependency on specialized IT capacity and skills, and more predictable infrastructure costs. With an increased quality of support and time to market, you can focus on your core business in the quest for growth, differentiation, and innovation.


Here's what to expect

Unmatched service quality 

Transitioning into the cloud means handing over the mundane tasks of running, upgrading, and managing your investment-management technology platform so you can concentrate on what you do best – investing money and growing your assets. 

You will benefit from unmatched service quality, access to ecosystem-enabled innovation, scalability, and best-in-class security and compliance – as well as improved cost-effectiveness. 

Help to define your cloud journey

We  work with you to identify the best approach to lift your existing on-premise version of SimCorp Dimension to the SimCorp SaaS Platform. Before we start the journey, together we will define: 

  • Your motivation for cloud transformation, including cost, business drivers, and timeline 
  • Your bespoke application and technology architecture roadmap 
  • Your priorities, processes, pains, and expected outcomes 
  • An onboarding plan that outlines the optimal steps for a smooth transition 
  • A business case detailing all the costs of current versus future setup 

Security, compliance and increased automation

Stop spending time on maintenance and integration and instead, focus on business growth and innovation. Enjoy these benefits: 

Scalability and efficiency – Microsoft Azure technology is leveraged to deliver a highly scalable, cost-efficient, and automated version of SimCorp Dimension in the public cloud.

Security and compliance - Security and compliance are the license-to-operate in this industry, so we therefore offer the most advanced audit, regulations, and security certifications.

DevOps and automation - We offer integrated enhanced release, testing, and configuration services, something that we will automate and embed in the platform as part of our road map.

Flexibility to differentiate your operating model

Grow your business, remain competitive, and differentiate yourselves through a superior customer experience. You’ll gain: 

Cost transparency - No hidden costs - the costs involved in managing your SimCorp solution are fully predictable and customized to your requirements.

Expertise and operational excellence - Rely on SimCorp's deep technical and operational expertise through one single point of contact and one holistic SLA provided for the entire SimCorp platform and solutions ecosystem.

A fully flexible functional configuration - You can control your functional configuration layer to protect your strategic assets allowing you to differentiate from your competitors.

Start now, reap the benefits sooner

More than 70% of your peers in investment management have already embarked on their cloud journey. So, there is no better time than right now to embrace the powerful benefits of SimCorp’s Software as a Service cloud-based operating model. 

We can help you move operations to the cloud

We are ready to take more responsibility for your business outcomes when moving to the cloud.